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Heat conducting metal

Copper Chrome Alloy

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An alloy of copper chromium alloy is formed by adding Cr and other trace alloy elements with Cu substrate.


    The alloy at room temperature and 400 ℃ has the following properties:

  • High mechanical strength and hardness,

  • Good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity,

    Excellent wear resistance and antifriction performance,

  • High temperature oxidation resistance, abrasion resistance and good processability,

  • Widely used in high temperature and high strength, high hardness, high conductivity and high thermal conductivity to demand higher parts

    Physical and mechanical properties

  • Density: 8.7g/cm3

  • Yield strength: 280 mpa

  • Hardness: 70 ~ 100 HV

  • Thermal conductivity: 250 w/(m K)

Metal injection moulding of complex shaped parts

MIM technology enables the production of complex shaped parts according to the same manufacturing principle as plastic injection moulding. We inject a mixture of a metallic material with a plastic binder. This is followed by a debinding process in which the plastic is eliminated from the workpiece. Finally, the mechanical properties of the material are restored during sintering.

● Maximum length: 150mm

● Maximum weight: 120 grams

● Thickness: from 0.5 mm

● Opening: from 0.5 mm

● Minimum radius: 0.10 mm

● General roughness: Ra > = 0.4


● 1 to 6 mm +/- 0.04 mm

● 6 to 12 mm +/- 0.05 mm

● 12 to 25 mm +/- 0.08 mm

● 25 to 50 mm +/- 0.10 mm

● Materials: Stainless steel (17-4PH, AISI 304L/316L, etc.), iron-nickel alloys (FeNi2, FeNi8, etc.), magnetic iron compounds, titanium, steel.

● Other materials are available on request.

● Quantity: from sample to mass production 500 pcs onwards



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