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The XY-GLOBAL team is not only a manufacturer, but also a solution driver. We are willing to share our production solutions and test standards to support our customers during the design and validation phase. Quality and solution support are at the core of our service philosophy, which enables us to deliver the highest quality small metal components at scale in the MIM space. This means we can provide superior levels of chemical control, strength and density in a wide range of alloys.
Ultimately, this means we can provide the components needed to move the product forward. We manufacture in Shenzhen, China and have customers all over the world.
Process Technology
Production Equipment
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Employees Of The Company
Our Advantages

Support For Customized Material Solutions

XY-GLOBAL has a R&D team of more than 40 people, which is composed of leading talents in powder metallurgy field and a group of senior R&D members engaged in metal injection molding industry for more than 10 years

Professional DFM & Modal Flow Analysis Reports

Prior to mold production, we will provide detailed DFM and mold flow reports to confirm that our customer's design can be used in production

Own Equipment To Save Costs

At present, the company has 32 production lines, purchase a full set of imported metal powder injection molding process production and testing equipment. With the whole process of feeding preparation, injection molding, degreasing and sintering process core technology, and with CNC, polishing, sandblasting, PVD and other post-process technology, forming a full technology chain closed loop

Prototyping & Solution Support

We know how sample trials are needed during the EVT and DVT phases. That's why we work hard to provide our ideas and conduct a validation process to support our customers' prototype testing. Solution service production is the core of our team. We are willing to offer our solutions in terms of structure, dimensional tolerance and surface treatment to help our customers upgrade and complete their designs.

Development History Of The Company


Certificates & Qualifications

Various material safety certificates and safety test reports to ensure products meet customer needs
Our Team

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Ken Pan

Production Director



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Edith Zhang

Customer Service Manager


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