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Consumer Field
Published date:2022-11-14

Few industries are as fast-paced and competitive as consumer electronics. One year it's cutting edge, the next year it's out. Manufacturers have been racing to outdo rivals, bringing new products to market faster and at lower costs. 

A large number of rotating shaft parts are needed in foldable mobile phones and other electronic products (such as laptops and smart glasses), most of which have complex structures and high hardness. Injection molding technology is the best method to manufacture these parts. 


The popularity of folding phones worldwide has become an important driving force for the rapid development of MIM industry in recent years. We create value-added solutions for our consumer products industry customers through collaborative relationships, engineering expertise and innovation. Parts and assemblies that support the following applications:

    Middle frame of smartwatch

    Mobile phone, laptop rotating shaft

    Microinjection precision gear

    Mobile phone camera ring

    Power tools

    Home decoration equipment and accessories



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