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XY-GLOBAL ranks in the forefront of China in terms of both material and process R&D technology strength and scale

 Molding Room Equipment

Edm, wire cutting, medium wire running, CNC, slow wire running grinder milling machine, 3 dimensional  

detection and all kinds of supporting equipment

 Feeding & Forming EquipmentDAX

Mixer daily production of raw materials 5 tons, injection molding machine more than 50 sets

 Degreasing & Sintering Equipment

Degreasing furnace, graphite sintering furnace, metal sintering furnace, ceramic sintering furnace, a total 

of 35 sets, continuous degreasing sintering furnace 2

 Shaping & Testing Equipment

Shaping machine nearly 50 sets, CCD detection machine 20 sets, magnifying glass, a variety of material 

composition and performance testing, as well as post-processing testing equipment

 CNC Equipment

CNC more than 200 sets, polishing, wire drawing, injection molding, pad printing, radium carving, laser 

welding, LIM, assembly line, etc

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