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Published date:2022-11-10

Is your product suitable for the MIM process?

Raw Material 

●    MIM can handle a wide range of materials, including stainless steel and other iron-based alloys, non-ferrous metals, thermal management materials, soft magnetic materials and ceramic powder injection molding technology. Continuous research and development ability of new materials, can cooperate with customers to customize new materials development


●    MIM can integrate multiple components into a single mold, reducing the need to work with multiple manufacturers and reducing processing and assembly costs



●    MIM is best used for parts running between 0.1 and 250 grams in weight and zero MM in wall thickness between 0.13 and 12.7 MM


●    MIM is a flexible process and can be achieved economically in quantities ranging from several thousand to several million per year. As with casting and injection parts, MIM requires the customer to invest in tooling and tooling costs, so it often impacts cost estimates for small quantities.


●    Provide full assistance to realize the value of the MIM process. We help you to upgrade your existing products in design and material selection, and also help you to carry out a full range of product development services.


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